Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hotel Salto Chico - Chile
It has been ranked among the best hotels in South America. I rank it among top 5 in the world because of the scenic location. It is easy to access and has daily flights from major cities of Chile. Among the 50 rooms, 7 offers a great view of Salto Chico waterfall.

In the winter the fall freezes. Boating across Glacier Grey is yet another interesting tourist outing you will love, surveying the gorges, rivers and forests from various lookout points.

  The Torres del Paine National Park is a short drive. It was delacred as UNESCO World Heritage site in 1978. It has beautiful rivers, waterfalls, lakes and glaciers.


blog tips said...

awesome pics.....really wonderful.

MJ Chan said...

woow! this looks wonderful!! :D love to go there someday!