Saturday, April 17, 2010

4 gadgets thats gonna rock this year.

Instant film cameras - Yes, it's just like back to the future but with the latest digital technology. Polaroid instant photo cameras are back. After a click, the camera will provide you with an instant digital photo within 10 seconds.

Cellphone with a projector - What if your cellphone turns into a projector ? Yes, now the cellphones are equipped with a projector. Instead of emailing the photos, just start the cellphone and show the photos on the big screen. L.G. have already launched these cellphones, until Christmas DELL and HP are coming with a superior model.

3D T.V - 3D Televisions have already debuted but to enjoy the 3d, you will need to wear glasses. Wait until the SAMSUNG 9000 comes out. No glasses needed and it will have the thinnest screen ever. 

The Dashboard computing - Several dashboard computers are coming. The best among this is MYFORD. It even serves as a wi-fi hub in the car.

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