Monday, June 7, 2010

Hidden meaning in the logos of popular brands

NBC is among the biggest television networks of America. The 6 feathered peacock in its logo refers to 6 divisions at the time the logo was created. The peacock's head is on right side which is an indication of looking forward and not back.

The Sony Vaio is among top 5 laptop brands. This logo has a hidden meaning as well. The first 2 letters represents the basic analogue signal the last 2 letter which are 1 and 0 represents the digital signals.

 The old logo of Baskin & Robbins has number 31 with an Arc above the logo. The new logo took the idea further. The pink parts of the logo shows number 31 which indicated 31 flavors.

Toblerone are popular chocolate makers from Switzerland. It is located in the city of Bern which is also called the city if bears. If you look closely you will see a bear in the logo.

The logo of Amazon has indicates the philosophy of the brand. There is a yellow arrow which creates a smiley. It also connects the letter A to letter Z which means the store has everything from A to Z.

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